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Sold 2016

This is a beautiful example of an original survivor 1956 Studebaker Power Hawk.  The 43,094 miles are all original and correct.  The car features its original untouched 259 engine and Flight O Matic transmission.  The rest of the car has never been touched except for the repainting of the Sunglow Gold portion of the car and the typical routine maintenance.  One addition that has been made to the car is that the side grilles have been changed to the 1958 – 1961 model grilles.

As you can see, there is a copy of the factory production order which shows just how special this automobile really is.  1956 Power Hawks are fairly rare in the first place, but there is a list of accessories that make it a 1 of 1.  The colors are Sunglow Gold on the bottom and Snowcap White on the top.  The engine is the 259 V8.  However, this Power Hawk came with the “Hi-Power” kit.  This includes: dual exhaust, 4-barrel carburetor, and the very scarce high compression heads.  The other power options include factory power steering and power brakes.  The car also includes wide white wall tires and yet another extremely rare option, power door windows which work well.  The radio that was ordered with the car was a “Stratoline” automatic tuning model, with the optional antenna kit.  There is also an accessory windshield washer kit and a climatizer with defroster and heating units.  There is also an extremely rare “safety light” kit that comes in the trunk and plugs into two little holes in the rear of the trunk.             
Overall, this is a great example of well preserved Studebaker history and a car that is a blast to drive.